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Elvy Jean - Enregistrement IOWA

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"Sharing a personnal vision of beauty and truth"

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Ad astra (per alas porci)

When moving out to Ottignies, BE, I bought a iMac and realised logic pro was a lot easier to use than the PC counterparts.

I recorded some new songs (Clara-lisa for my loved one) but mostly improved some previous recordings I never managed to adorn properly.

This album is the result of my solitary work on my computer. 

Elvy Jean : everything
SongsforJune - IOWA - Album - Image©Arnaud Ghilain


In 2018, Elvy Jean met Arnaud Ghilain, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, with whom he collaborated for more professional recordings of his guitar/piano/voice material. Arnaud added bass (or double bass) and some synths. These episodic recordings led in 2022 to enough songs to make up an album. Arnaud shared the mixing process with a close friend from Quebec, Dominique Massicotte. The Australian Cefe Flynn mastered the album.

Other participants chimed in, such as the actress Christelle Cornil on backing vocals and Hendrik van Wagensveld on the piano for the title « Solitude ».

Elvy Jean : songwriting, voice, piano, guitar, harmonium
Arnaud Ghilain : recording, mixing, bass,
double bass, synths, arrangements
Dominique Massicotte : mixing
Cefe Flynn : mastering
Christelle Cornil : backing vocals
Hendrik van Wagensveld : piano on « Solitude »
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