Born 6th July 1980. Living in french-speaking Belgium. Father of three.

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Behind « Songs for June » there’s one artist, named Elvy. Born in 1980, father of three, living in french-speaking Belgium, he started a tiny career in 2008 under the wing of a small label. Soon he learned that he wasn’t meant for the stage, and the arrival of children took most of his time. He kept writing songs, in his intimacy, as a pastime. Elvy’s music is characterized by the low-budget/homebound recording process.


In 2018, Elvy met Arnaud Ghilain, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, with whom he collaborated for more professional recordings of his guitar/piano/voice material. Arnaud added bass (or double bass) and some synths. These episodic recordings led in 2022 to enough songs to make up an album. Arnaud shared the mixing process with a close friend from Quebec, Dominique Massicotte. The Australian Cefe Flynn mastered the album.


Other participants chimed in, such as the actress Christelle Cornil on backing vocals and Hendrik van Wagensveld on the piano for the title « Solitude ».


Then comes the album IOWA, out in late 2022.


A second more personal album is scheduled in the wake…

Tracklisting : 

1) I want to know

2) Ordalie

3) Rainy day

4) Angel, find me

5) Solitude

6) From me, the moon

7) Halcyon days

8) Hope

9) Iowa
10) All is grace

11) Song #5 (alt)

Elvy : songwriting, voice, piano, guitar, harmonium

Arnaud Ghilain : recording, mixing, bass, double bass, synths, arrangements
Dominique Massicotte : mixing

Cefe Flynn : mastering
Christelle Cornil : backing vocals
Hendrik van Wagensveld : piano on « Solitude »